Virginia West Ultimate Bass Challenge

Virginia West Ultimate Bass Challenge

  • Fishers of Men Virginia West
  • Russell Nixon
  • 5-5-18

  • First event of the UBC Fishers of Men Virginia west

Day 1

Lake Name: Tba
Launch Site: Tba
City: Rustburg, State: VA, Zip Code: 24588
Country: US
Start: 5-5-18 6:00AM ET
End: 5-5-18 4:00PM ET

Tournament Winner

Jeff Camp

Wow, did Jeff certainly make all of us look bad. He used a bubblegum trick worm to catch all his fish today in the clearest water he could find. What an amazing day though. We had a break at 11 am and shared from the bible, ephesians 2 versus 8 through 11. What a fun format. We look forward to doing this again.


Kerr lake for the first UBC

Well we all got notified on Friday the tournament would be on Kerr Lake. Wow the fishing was great and Keff Camp put it on all of us.

Day 1

Rank Name Weight Avg Biggest Fish Number Caught
1 jeff camp 39 lb 10 oz 1 lb 09 oz 3 lb 02 oz 25
2 Jacob Bumgarner 20 lb 00 oz 1 lb 11 oz 2 lb 10 oz 12
3 David Martin 13 lb 03 oz 1 lb 07 oz 2 lb 03 oz 9
4 Russell Nixon 12 lb 08 oz 2 lb 01 oz 4 lb 02 oz 6