Toledo Bend Social Distancing

Toledo Bend Social Distancing

  • LJBC
  • Jared Leblue
  • 3-28-20

  • Keeping our distance as ordered by our Governor.

Day 1

Lake Name: Toledo Bend
Launch Site: Multiple
City: Many, State: LA, Zip Code: 71449
Country: US
Start: 3-28-20 7:00AM CT
End: 3-28-20 4:00PM CT

Tournament Winner

John LeDoux and Brad Martin

It was a tough day but everyone put some fish in the boat. The score tracker shut down early for some reason so it did not show the final fish caught. Cell coverage was a big problem. The final weight were as follows: John and Brad - 20lbs 1 0z Jared and Tony - 17lbs. 130z Casey and Jeremy -17 lbs. 6 oz Jimmy and Cole - 15 lbs. 4 oz


Tough Spring Day. A surprise to all.

The fishing on the Bend was tough today despite perfect weather conditions. Everyone thought the score tracker was going to light up but instead it was slow going. The afternoon picked up and John LeDoux and Brad Martin put up 20lbs 1oz on the score tracker to win the tournament. This format gave us the opportunity to still fish a tournament and not violate any order given by local officials while we are dealing with the Corona virus.

Day 1

Rank Name Weight Avg Biggest Fish Number Caught
1 Jared Leblue 17 lb 13 oz 2 lb 04 oz 4 lb 02 oz 8
2 Jimmy Brown 15 lb 04 oz 1 lb 11 oz 2 lb 05 oz 9
3 Casey McDonald 14 lb 14 oz 1 lb 10 oz 2 lb 10 oz 9
4 John LeDoux 14 lb 01 oz 2 lb 00 oz 4 lb 03 oz 7