Colorado Challenge Cup-"Sudden Death Round"

Colorado Challenge Cup-"Sudden Death Round"

  • Colorado Challenge Cup
  • Joe Conway
  • 10-11-14

  • 2nd Stage of the $1000~No Entry Fee~Colorado "Challenge Cup!" ~~"Sudden Death Round" consists of "Top 6" anglers from the Elimination Rounds--"Top 3" anglers from this stage are in the $1000 minimum Championship Round!

Day 1

Lake Name: Pueblo Reservoir
Launch Site: North Marina
City: Pueblo, State: CO, Zip Code: 81007
Country: US
Start: 10-11-14 7:00AM MT
End: 10-11-14 2:00PM MT

Tournament Winner

Cubbage, Gentzel, and Phillips move on!

The weather was pretty dang good on this day, as the 6 anglers that made the Elimination Round cuts got ready for the "Sudden Death" round of the "No Entry Fee" $1000 Colorado Challenge Cup. All the contestants found that the fishing was as hard as it has been all year, once again. With major rain storms the two days prior, today was set to have high sun and clear skies. Great! Clear conditions after a front....again. All in all, it went pretty well. Fish were caught and as always, a couple of guys were fighting for that last slot with one fish deciding the outcome. This time, Todd Gentzel, Steve Cubbage, and Derek Phillips made the cut into the final round and will fish for their part of the $1000 pot! Next year....could it be a $2500 pot for the final 3? We will have to wait and see!


Conway, Carpio, and White stumble!

Joe Conway, Vince Carpio, and Brian White all came from the same bracket and were eliminated today, although the door was wide open until it was over! Conway needed one fish, weighing at least 1-4, from 15 minutes into the last period to the whistle to take the 3rd position from Derek Phillips, and he could not get it done! This was a crushing defeat for Joe and for the many that had picked him to win it all! ~~~~Carpio found that his first Challenge Cup wasn't easy at all. He plans on returning next year to do it right!~~~~~White , being new to Colorado this year, made a tremendous effort in trying to figure out this states bass and fell just a little short today. His lost fish of the morning could have been the defining moment for his demise. Once again, he too plans on seeing everyone in the Challenge Cup next year!

Day 1

Rank Name Weight Avg Biggest Fish Number Caught
1 Todd Gentzel 15 lb 06 oz 1 lb 09 oz 2 lb 03 oz 10
2 Steve Cubbage 10 lb 01 oz 1 lb 04 oz 2 lb 01 oz 8
3 Derek Phillips 7 lb 05 oz 1 lb 07 oz 1 lb 14 oz 5
4 Joe Conway 6 lb 02 oz 1 lb 04 oz 1 lb 10 oz 5
5 Brian White 4 lb 01 oz 1 lb 06 oz 1 lb 15 oz 3
6 Vince Carpio 0 lb 13 oz 0 lb 13 oz 0 lb 13 oz 1