Colorado Challenge Cup - Elimination Round

Colorado Challenge Cup - Elimination Round

  • Colorado Challenge Cup
  • Joe Conway
  • 9-14-14

  • Elimination Round-(Day 2/odds) of the "No Entry Fee" $1000 minimum, Colorado Challenge Cup!~~ Each Elimination round event consists of 6 of the "Top 12" anglers from the Pikes Peak Bass Masters year end standings --"Top 3" anglers from each group move on to the Sudden Death Round! For more info and stories go to

Day 1

Lake Name: Pueblo Reservoir
Launch Site: North Shore Marina
City: Pueblo West, State: CO, Zip Code: ??
Country: US
Start: 9-14-14 7:00AM MT
End: 9-14-14 2:00PM MT

Tournament Winner

Derek Phillips/Todd Gentzel

Day 2 of the Elimination Round had to be better than the catches of the Day 1 group. Being two days removed from the cold front had to help the fishing, as it couldn't be worse than Day 1 was.....or could it?~~Yep, it could be worse, and it was! The group found the blue bird skies still putting the fish down and hiding somewhere. After lots of casts, Group 2 couldn't find the fish either! Everyone was in the race until the second it was all over. In the end, somehow the usual suspects came through to qualify for the Sudden Death Round, even though they couldn't have held the door open wider for anyone to bump them from the Top 3 slots. Derek Phillips and Todd Gentzel tied for 1st place. Those two and Steve Cubbage will take their place along with the Day 1 winners in the 6 man Sudden Death Round set for Oct. 11th. For more info and stories go to


Phillips, Gentzel, Cubbage moving on!

Steve Cubbage, Todd Gentzel, and Derek Phillips join the three Day 1 winners for the Sudden Death Round and the race to see who gets the top prize, and their name engraved on the trophy, in the $1000~No Entry Fee~ Colorado "Challenge Cup!" For more info and stories go to

Day 1

Rank Name Weight Avg Biggest Fish Number Caught
1 Todd Gentzel 4 lb 03 oz 1 lb 06 oz 1 lb 11 oz 3
2 Derek Phillips 4 lb 03 oz 1 lb 06 oz 1 lb 07 oz 3
3 Steve Cubbage 4 lb 02 oz 0 lb 13 oz 1 lb 03 oz 5