I forgot my login username for SCORETRACKER LIVE™
Your username is your email address. If you don’t recall which email address you used to sign up, your tournament organizer has your email address that you used to register for the event.

I forgot my login password for SCORETRACKER LIVE™
Click on forgot password and you will be emailed a new password.

I'm having trouble logging into my tournament on my mobile device
On your mobile phone you can login at  http://scoretrackerlive.com/m_default.aspx. Your invitation email will also have this link to the mobile login.

How much does it cost to use SCORETRACKER LIVE™?
SCORETRACKER LIVE™ is free in 2017 when you use promo code FREE

Is there a minimum number of anglers required to use SCORETRACKER LIVE™?
No minimum and no maximum. Event size can be from 2 anglers to 2000 anglers or even more.

Will SCORETRACKER LIVE™ work on any mobile device?
You are only able to use a iOS or Android smartphone or tablet for your participation.

How much cell service is required for SCORETRACKER LIVE™ to work efficiently?

The lake as a whole should have 75 to 80% cellular coverage. If you fish a lake with less cell service the live leaderboard will not upload until you move to a part of the lake that has cell coverage. If you know that you are only be going to fish in a certain zone of the lake then your cell service requirement would be for that zone only.

Can my boat partner and I share the same mobile device?
No, each angler competing in the tournament must have his own iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to enter and upload catch weights to the Live Leaderboard.

How do I go about setting up a tournament on SCORETRACKER LIVE™?
The Tournament Organizer handles the entry process like he normally would, except he adds the SCORETRACKER LIVE™ cost per angler to the event entry fee amount. You must require each ind