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Minor league Fishing

Matt Allen

Malvern, AR 72104


  • Saturday showdown

    Saturday showdown

    Event Starts: 04-20-19
    Friendly fishing
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  • Catherine


    Event Starts: 05-10-18
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  • Looking for Big Al

    Looking for Big Al

    Event Starts: 05-05-18
    Poppin tags
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  • Catherine thurs

    Catherine thurs

    Event Starts: 05-03-18
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  • Saturday degray

    Saturday degray

    Event Starts: 04-28-18
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  • Thurs night side tourney

    Thurs night side tourney

    Event Starts: 04-26-18
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  • Hammy tuesday

    Hammy tuesday

    Event Starts: 04-24-18
    $1,000.00 entry fee. Winner Take all
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  • Dead sea showdown

    Dead sea showdown

    Event Starts: 04-15-18
    Having a little morning get together on the water $10 entry fee. Winner takes all!
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  • Thursday night test run

    Thursday night test run

    Event Starts: 04-12-18
    Going to test out the scoretracker during thursday’s tourney
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  •  Good Ole fashioned Bro-down

    Good Ole fashioned Bro-down

    Event Starts: 04-11-18
    Lil bro takes big bro to school.
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