Format Highlights

Major League Fishing is the new standard in revolutionizing competitive bass fishing for the 21st century in Pro-level competition.

SCORETRACKER LIVE™ now brings the same to your local tournaments … in a win-win-win format for you, your fishing group, community, and bass fishery … for all the right reasons and in so many ways.

Weigh the Advantages of SCORETRACKER LIVE™…

(The short list:)

  • Every Fish Counts! Every fish you catch that meets the minimum qualifying lengths can be weighed and added to build your score. And with immediate release of every fish, always.
  • No Limits. Every ounce counts; no limits to your chances to pull out a tournament win.
  • Set Your Own Length Minimum for Scoring. Your waters, your choice.
  • Expands Tournament Lake Options. With catch-weigh-immediate release, lake slot limits are no barrier to tournament fishing and scoring.
  • Real Time Scoring. Only SCORETRACKER LIVE™ brings Major League Fishing scoring to your local waters.
  • Live Leaderboard. Another SCORETRACKER LIVE™ format exclusive for local bass tournaments, with instant standings and updates as-they-happen – high intensity and excitement in the fight for the bite for competitors and fans alike.
  • Less Stress on Bass. No livewell, culling, or transporting to and from a weigh-in; the MLF catch-immediate release format reduces bass stress factors by 80%.
  • Less Stress on Tournament Directors. Simplifies your tournament – no weigh-in event, logistics and complications.
  • Flexible Fit. You’re free to customize the MLF format to fit your bass club’s style, preference and waters with just one exception: SCORETRACKER LIVE™ is only for a catch and immediate-release event.
  • Good PR. The low-impact catch-release format is welcomed and appreciated by the community, and reflects positively on your organization, as well as tournament fishing as a whole.


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