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You don't follow a football game to find out who scored what and when to win until it's game over.
That's kinda like it's always been with standard bass club 5-fish weigh-in contests.

Now you have something much better, and more stimulating, thanks to SCORETRACKER LIVE™. Fans at home can watch all the tournament scoring action online as it happens.

With SCORETRACKER LIVE™ Real Time Scoring at your tournament, anyone can catch who's leading and when that changes, as it happens, quickly and precisely.

Live Leaderboard – What you get is what you've never seen before:
  • All competing tournament anglers by name
  • Where each stands, ranks and compares their total weight, number of scorable bass caught, the average weight, and largest fish
  • All updated instantly
  • Viewable on anytime, all the time, via computer, smart phone, or other mobile devices.

A Joy for Fans friends and families enjoy a new, higher level of involvement and excitement in following your tournament, and how you’re doing.

Information for Other Local Anglers
By watching your tournament's Real Time Scoring, other anglers will gain valuable information about the catch rate, peak times and size of fish caught. This information will help them strategize for their own upcoming tournaments.

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