What's the Catch

Other than catching more fish and the positive attention it will bring to your tournament, SCORETRACKER LIVE™ involves:

Low Price for Major League Excitement
Bring SCORETRACKER LIVE™ easy-to-use technology to your local tournament … and elevate your event to a major league level of competitive intensity and excitement. Fee covers multiple day events so long as the days of the event are consecutive. For events with 1 to 40 anglers the fee is $5.00 per angler per event, 41 to 80 anglers is $4.00 per angler per event and 81 or more anglers is $3.00 per angler per event. The fee per angler is less than a bag of worms or a crankbait. A small addition to your club's usual tournament entry fee, for so much more enjoyment.

Easy to Get 'Er Done
There is a whole new world beyond the typical 5-fish weigh-in tournament format. The following instructions will help guide you through the process of setting up an exciting MLF style event.
  • The Tournament Organizer handles the entry process like he normally would, except he adds the SCORETRACKER LIVE™ cost per angler to the event entry fee amount. It is required that each individual angler's email address is provided on their entry form. The entry cut-off date will likely need to be earlier than your normal date, to allow time for entering all of the required information when creating a new event. The final entry cut-off date must be no later than 2 weeks prior to the actual tournament date.
  • Once all tournament entry forms and entry fees have been received, the Tournament Organizer goes to scoretrackerlive.com, simply registers and selects "CREATE A NEW EVENT"
  • To set up a tournament for Boaters vs Boaters and Co-Anglers vs Co-Anglers, the Organizer will need to create an event for each group, inputting the same dates and times. Example: (Event #1) Big Fin Bass Club, Grand Lake "Boaters" (Event #2) Big Fin Bass Club, Grand Lake "Co-Anglers".
  • After entering all of the required information, an email will be automatically sent to all participating anglers instructing them to go to scoretrackerlive.com and register as an angler.
  • Once all anglers have confirmed their participation, the Organizer will be able to print a final document including a list of anglers, each with their own individual PIN number. On the event day the Tournament Organizer will provide the PIN number to the angler's boat partner ONLY. The boat partner is the only one that can enter the other angler's weight on the other angler's device. The final document also provides information that will be helpful on the morning of the event.
  • Once an event is created, the Organizer will find many other options including photo uploads, post tournament news and more.
You Have Options
With no cost, no obligation, no salesman will call, and even not void in Nebraska … MLF SCORETRACKER LIVE™ gives you three Sanctioned Draw Tournament Format Options to build your next tournament: Volunteer Style, Two-Boater Draw and Boater/Non-Boater Draw. Plus, you can opt to adapt all, part or none of the Official MLF Rules to customize to your group's event.
Basic Technologies to Cover Your Bass
SCORETRACKER LIVE™ features robust and flexible digital compatibility that's easy to use.
All you need is:
  • A tournament fishery with 80% cellular coverage.
  • Each angler competing in the tournament must have his own Smart phone or other mobile device to enter and upload catch weights to the Live Leaderboard.
Minimal Requirements
Your local tournament using SCORETRACKER LIVE™ must:
  • Be strictly a catch and immediate-release tournament.
  • Use digital scales (preferably the same kind on all boats) to enter weights of scorable fish by pounds and ounces only! It must be OUNCES as the system is not compatible for weights entered in Tenths of a Pound.
  • To get the exact same Brecknell Digital Scales and Fish Grip that is used by the Major League Fishing pros on TV, you can purchase them at: www.shopmlf.com

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